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What My Clients Are Saying


Last week, I had the honor of participating in an angelic session with Teresa. It was one of the most loving and joyful experiences I have had in connecting with my angelic team. I felt the supportive and divine energies of the angelic realm for days afterwards and a sense of peace that I am listening to my soul's guidance to living my Divinity. I am deeply Grateful to know and more importantly feel that trust and faith that I am always embraced in angelic love and flow. Thank you Teresa!!🙏😇💞💖☮

Janice R.

Teresa has given me 2 wonderful readings, sharing with me her spirit connection and messages that were affirming to me just what I needed to hear to move forward, she channeled healing energy to clear my chakras and immediately I felt balanced and in tune with myself. Thank you so much Teresa, finding your beautiful honest clear energy and support has been a wonderful gift, love and light Cathie 

Cathie J.

I want to share that I had a wonderful reading with the beautiful talented Teresa.  It was such a wonderful, positive, clarifying reading. I got insight and homework! It was so lovely to connect with my guides and angels! I highly recommend a reading with Teresa!

Shari G.

I woke up this morning refreshed and more positive than I have been the last couple months! I can't wait for our next session!


Wow!! I loved my reading! It answered my questions I have had about making big changes in my life! I could feel the love throughout the reading and it helped me to release a lot of emotions that were in my way of moving forward!


I recommend Teresa to all who have questions or are looking for clarity in their lives~ Much Love!


 I asked a simple question and she gave me answers to things going on in my life I didn't even mention. It was amazing!

Cheryl Lynn

Amazing Reading!! You said my son would let me know he was around and to put a rose quartz near my bed and write my dreams down. The very next day I saw a penny on the floor, a white feather and a dragonfly which I know is linked to my son xoxo so thank you so much! Spot on!


I am so grateful for your insight and sharing your gift and time with me! I'm very excited!! You have been a part of this process of moving forward and collaboration. I don't know if this breakthrough would have happened without you! You are amazing!


Shine Your Light, Teresa, thank you so very much! What a reading! I am so excited to work with you!


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