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Angelic Mediumship: Messages of Love from Beyond

In the vast realm of spirituality, the concept of mediumship stands as a bridge between the material world and the unseen dimensions beyond. Within this realm, angelic mediumship holds a special place, offering a profound connection with celestial beings and the loving messages they convey from our departed loved ones.

Angelic mediumship is rooted in the belief that angels, as divine messengers, facilitate communication between the living and those who have passed on. Unlike traditional mediumship, which may involve direct communication with spirits, angelic mediumship often focuses on the intermediary role of angels, who bring forth messages of love, guidance, and comfort from the realm of spirit.

One of the most cherished aspects of angelic mediumship is the opportunity to receive messages of love from our departed loved ones. These messages serve as reminders that the bond of love transcends the physical realm and endures beyond the limitations of life and death. Through the gentle guidance of angels, these messages often come through with a sense of peace and reassurance, bringing solace to those who are grieving or seeking closure.

Whether it's words of encouragement, expressions of forgiveness, or simply a comforting presence, these messages carry the essence of the eternal bond that connects souls across time and space.

Within the sacred space that I create in my private readings and online group reading events, healing occurs, wounds are soothed, and the soul finds peace amidst the turbulence of life's journeys.

You're invited to join me along with other like minded souls at my upcoming events. These events are limited to a small group to ensure an intimate and powerful experience for all.

XO Teresa 💜

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