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5 simple steps to receive guidance from your angels

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Teresa Grove

Life has its ups & downs, this much we know. Did you also know that you can request assistance from your guardian angels to support you through times of change? I can tell you from experience that this does work on many levels & as you practice, your connection will continue to get stronger. Angelic assistance is a wonderful tool that anyone including you, can utilize. You are probably tapping into that guidance regularly without being aware that your angels are working with you. Once you can connect & recognize this guidance, you will become more empowered as you realize that you have a team of Heavenly helpers that support you in your day to day life.

The benefits of tapping into your guides & angels is priceless as they know exactly what you need, when you need it. They can arrange & create experiences & opportunities as well as put you in touch with helpful people to assist you on your journey. I have found that the assistance I have received, when done with loving intention, comes much more quickly & precise than I could ever have done on my own. That my friends is the magic, taking all doubt & guesswork out of the equation. You too, can easily accomplish this with a simple request by you from your heart.

Let’s Begin:

Step 1: Prepare yourself & your space Create a sacred space to communicate with your angels. Somewhere quiet that you can light a white candle & have privacy. Get comfortable in your space, I recommend a crystal & diffusing essential oils to cleanse the space. An organized & clutter free space works best.

Step 2: Get clear Contemplate what you need & want. Determine what it is that will most help & serve you at this time. Have you heard the saying “be careful what you ask for, you may just get it?” This rings true in this situation.

Step 3: Ask for guidance Once you are clear on what you want, take a deep cleansing breath, ask Divine White Light to surround you & to clear your space of anything that is not of 100% pure love & light. Say something like this out loud "I call in my highest, best, most loving & caring angel of the Light that can most help me now to please come in."I am asking for help with __________. Thank you for hearing me today & giving me a sign that you are near. I ask that you take my concerns to Heaven & guide me to the best possible solution. According to Divine Will, for the highest & greatest good, & so it is."

Step 4: Let it go & express gratitude This is very important. You must have faith & trust that your request has been heard & your angels are now working behind the scenes to guide you to the best possible outcome. Remember & know that one of the keys to manifestation is a grateful heart. Take a few moments to express your heartfelt gratitude to your angels & guides. If you find yourself revisiting the situation, you can push the request back up to the Heavens & let your angels know "I have pushed this concern back up to you, please take it from me so I can receive your clear guidance. Thank you."

Step 5: Be open & ready to follow their guidance This means, be willing to see & hear signs from your angels that you are receiving their guidance. This requires faith, trust & may take some practice. You may think that you are receiving guidance but are not sure, when in doubt ask your angels "please give me a sign that I can easily recognize. Thank you." I promise that if you continue with this practice, you will begin to see results. Once you receive guidance, be ready to follow it. You may not be ready the first time & that's OK.

Some things to watch & listen for: Inner knowing & strong inner feelings, loving thoughts & suggestions that you hear in your mind, feathers, clouds, lyrics in a song, words & advice from other people, synchronicity's, number sequences, pennies from heaven, anything that repeats three times, a hunch or nudge & anything that comes with a feeling of love & comfort as well as “angels bumps”. These are all signs & guidance from your angels.

I hope that you give this a try & I can't wait to hear about your experiences with your angels!

If you feel that you need assistance with this, I am here to help. You can schedule a session with me & we can fine tune your connection. I would love to assist you on your journey.

With Love, Light & Angel Hugs, Teresa