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Angelic Guidance for Everyday Living

Did you know that Angels are here to help you with your everyday life? The answer is Yes! Your Angels are here for not only the major aspects of your life but the small things too; prioritizing your day, juggling the responsibilities with your family, creating happy in your daily life, keeping your energy clear & balanced, even helping with dinner! All you have to do is ask & they will guide you in the gentlest & most loving way possible. They have helped me have a good hair day, find the time to tidy up the house & choose a nutritious & delicious meal for my family when I have been stumped on what to cook for the evening meal.

Now this takes practice…in listening with your heart. During a recent Angel Reading Session with one of my lovely clients she had mentioned that she cannot “hear” her Angels. As we dove into this, she explained that she thought it should be this huge voice like you would hear on the Wizard of Oz saying deeply & loudly “I AM HERE!”. Her Angels immediately gave me the impression of myself when I was new to Angel Communication whereas I expected this big voice OUTSIDE of myself. I learned that the voice within me is where I will truly hear my Angels. You know that voice very well, it is your inner voice that speaks to you from within your heart.

Now, I know…you are saying wait a minute Teresa! That is my voice, well I am here to tell you that you indeed have your inner voice & that is precisely where your Angels talk with you. You may be one of the many who do hear the voice outside of yourself however, in my studies & experiences I have learned that the Angels come to us in subtle ways not only as to NOT scare us but so we can trust our own inner guidance. I have to giggle for a moment thinking back on the day when I prayed & prayed to GOD that the Angels would speak to me & that I would hear their voice outside of myself. You know the term “be careful what you ask for, you just may get it”? Well, they answered with the loudest voice that scared the bejesus out of me & to this day I am good with the subtle inner voice inside of myself that speaks to me gently & lovingly. LOL!!!

Your Angels ask that you practice this theory for yourself in small ways by doing the following:

Ø Ask your Angels for help with a small action such as what to make for dinner this evening

Ø Let go of expectations & be open to the messages that may come

Ø Listen...quietly listen to your heart & what comes to you

Ø When you “hear” your inner voice give you an idea of what to cook tonight, know that this is your Angel giving you guidance, through your heart

Ø Practice this on different things & really feel the answers, Angel bumps are a sign that you are receiving Angelic Guidance as well as a warm, loving feeling within yourself

Have fun with this & remember to be light as the Angels Guidance can come through the most when you are shiny, bright & positive.

Sending you so much Angelic love,

XO Teresa

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